Sunday, February 1, 2015

TOXINS in Our Water Supply... Are they REALLY Dangerous?

What do all these chemicals cause? You should know.
CLICK HERE to see a list of contaminants and their health risks!

For years, I believed it was OK to drink water with a few chemicals in it (Ok, this has a lot to do with me preferring to look the other way). I had heard so many times that Bay Area Water is "good water," that I started to drink it straight from the tap.

What I didn't realize, is that the levels of toxins that are found in our drinking water are actually pretty high. I had to do a lot of research to find out that there is a big difference between what the Federal EPA says is a safe limit, and what the California EPA says is a safe limit. Most toxins in our water supply are WAY ABOVE the California EPA's guidelines, but they are under the Federal EPA's limits. And since I've done my research, and found out how many toxins are in the water (and what they can cause), I don't even feel comfortable drinking a glass of water in a restaurant anymore, knowing it probably hasn't been filtered. I've seen way too many studies that show that these toxins really can cause major health problems, including cancer, parkinson's symptoms and more. 

I know it might sound like I'm being overly cautious about the water - maybe even a little paranoid. But I have seen WAY too many cases of people who developed cancer and other diseases, and when I looked up their water reports, I discovered that they had high levels of the specific toxin(s) that caused that particular type of disease. I have a friend who has three friends with bladder cancer, and sure enough, their water had levels of trihalomethanes that were 3x the amount shown to cause bladder cancer in a Taiwanese study. I have many stories like this. 

So, I don't mean to sound paranoid,'s like how I used to warn my stepkids not to hold cell phones close to their heads, because they really can cause cancer (you can see an entire blog post I made about that topic, here).  As I once said to my stepson, "I'd rather have you slightly paranoid and alive, than happy... and DEAD."  

OK so I was kind of joking with him, but.... you get the picture. 


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